Public Trust Program

Democracy 2025 has established an international network of world class experts to provide the latest evidence on how different groups of Australians understand and imagine their democracy and the strengths and weaknesses of our political institutions and democratic practices.

1. Trust and Democracy in Australia – a national survey of public opinion

See our latest findings.

2. How Australia compares survey – drawing on data from the World Values Survey

In collaboration with the Trustgov project, this survey compares Australia’s democratic performance with other mature and regional democracies. The first report is due at the end of March 2020.

3. The Good Politician and the Good Citizen

What do Australian citizens expect from their politicians, and, what do politicians expect from citizens? Drawing on survey and focus group data this project provides robust data on the most important relationship in democratic governance; government and citizen. See the report for the latest findings.

4. Democratic Audit of Australia

Successive royal commissions and inquiries have demonstrated fragilities in Australia’s democratic institutions and practices. But should we be waiting for a crisis to alert us to problems in our democratic practice? In collaboration with the Democratic Audit of the United Kingdom and the London School of Economics, we have launched a permanent and independent Democratic Audit of Australia to provide ongoing intelligence on the strengths and weaknesses of Australia’s democratic institutions. The first cyclical report will be published in December 2020.

The goal of Democracy 2025’s Public Trust Program is to be the reference point for public accountability for government, business, community and the public service, while educating the public on the constituent elements that shape trust.