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3 April 2020

Launch of Democracy 2025’s new report

Democracy 2025's latest report, How does Australia compare: what makes a leading democracy? Two paradoxes for Australian democratic governance, investigates how Australian attitudes towards issues of trust and democratic practices compare both with other mature liberal democracies and nation states in our region. It draws on data from the World Values Survey, conducted in 140 countries by the world’s leading universities. The report is a collaboration between Democracy 2025 and the Trustgov Project, hosted by the University of Southampton, UK and the Kennedy School at Harvard University in the USA.

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13 December 2019

Don’t believe the stereotype: these 5 charts show our democracy is safe in the hands of future voters

A new, ongoing survey on how young Australians understand and imagine their democracy is already challenging long-held stereotypes.

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16 October 2019

How Australian federal politicians would like to reform their democracy

Watch Dr Helen Haines MP, Tanya Plibersek MP, David Sharma MP, Professor Mark Evans, Michelle Grattan and Professor Gerry Stoker discuss the findings from How Australian federal politicians would like to reform their democracy at Parliament House on 16 October. The video was produced by our digital partner, contentgroup.

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16 October 2019

The Conversation

Revealed: how Australian politicians would bridge the trust divide

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5 September 2019

Liberalism and Australian Democracy: Lessons from History – A talk by Dr David Kemp

In August, MoAD hosted a free public talk by the Hon. Dr David Kemp, Chairman of the MoAD Board, who reflected on the contribution of liberalism to Australia’s democratic story and asks what we can learn for the future.

The public talk is part of the Democracy 2025’s Future Democracy series, was held in the House of Representatives Chamber in the spiritual home of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.

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5 September 2019

New D2025 report: APS deliberative jury

An Australian Public Service (APS) deliberative jury was convened at Old Parliament House in February to consider the question, ‘What key elements of democratic trust are broken and what needs to change to create a trusted APS?’ The jury’s recommendations are outlined in the latest report by Democracy 2025.

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