Ignite Learning Program

Ignite Learning - uses interactive survey data, democratic conversations and participatory digital experiences to give voice to the views of young Australians on how they understand and imagine future democracy.

Our goal is to create an evidence-informed partnership with young Australians aimed at inspiring a generation of active critical citizens. Specific innovations include two world firsts:

  • The establishment of the most comprehensive evidence base on how young Australians imagine their democracy with data drawn from the 90,000 students and teachers who engage with MoAD’s award winning learning programs. This will allow us to better understand the needs of students ensuring that teachers and students have access to the highest quality civic education tools. Most significantly, it will provide us a unique opportunity to envisage the future of Australian democracy. See our latest report.
  • The production and delivery of the Digital Democratic Excursion a thrilling virtual tour of Australia’s democratic story accessible to all Australians.